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Due Diligence

McEllin Kelly has many years experience in the provision and execution of due diligence for SME’s. “Due diligence” looks at a business or individual in detail prior to the signing of a contract. Due Diligence can be a legal requirement, but often investigations are voluntary.

At McEllin Kelly we can carry out a number of audits that include:

  • Full Financial audit
  • Compatibility audit
  • Management audit

McEllin Kelly can support you at every stage of the due diligence process;

  • By enhancing the understanding of the purchaser of the target business and thus increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction
  • We will help you identify and understand critical factors for success
  • Through us you will improve your understanding of all the relevant issues which will inform your decision making
  • By highlighting weaknesses as well as the strengths of the company we can identify resolutions

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