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Every business needs to deal with HM Revenue & Customs in some area of its operations.

Many businesses have to have extensive contact given the number and ranges of taxes involved; VAT, PAYE, income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty and land tax to name but a few.

  • We can help to keep your contact with HMRC to a minimum
  • We will ensure that your systems run smoothly and vigorously
  • McKellin Kelly will ensure that your costs of compliance including the payment of the tax itself are as low as they reasonably can be.
  • We can also provide tax planning advice where it is required ensuring that your business does not pay more than it is legally required to do.

With regard to personal tax we provide a full range of services including tax return preparation for company directors and the self-employed, for landlords and other lessors, for high net worth individuals and for any taxpayer who needs a tax return preparing. We can also provide advice across a range of taxes to keep your liabilities to the absolute minimum including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

We can provide initial consultancy at no cost. The first interview with any prospective client is absolutely free

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