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Capital Gains Tax

The large majority of tax payers will never encounter capital gains tax. This is because capital gains tax reliefs and allowance are generous, such that many transactions in property are automatically relieved (sale of ones own home, or the sale of one’s car which are covered by a specific exemptions). However if you have ever sold shares, securities and other stocks land and commercial property, valuable artworks or a business (amongst many other possible transactions) then you will most certainly will have to consider the impact of this tax. Capital gains tax calculations and the availability of reliefs often necessitate employing a qualified accountant, other tax professional or solicitor to undertake the necessary work. We can complete this work for you and where necessary undertake the planning required to mitigate or eliminate the incidence of this tax. We can and do advise companies in respect of corporate capital gains tax planning covering such diverse areas as single asset sales, management buyouts, group reorganisations, intra-group transfer of assets, group loss relief, share restructuring, value shifting and depreciatory transactions. We can specifically advise on the availability of special reliefs, such as indexation allowance, substantial shareholding relief, rollover relief and no gain no loss transfers of assets. We also advise individuals in respect of obtaining similar reliefs where applicable and respect of such reliefs only obtainable by individuals or partnerships (such as Entrepreneurs’ Relief and Rollover Relief For Gifts). Whatever your circumstances or requirements we can help you to meet and minimise your tax obligations.

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