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Corporation Tax

McEllin Kelly provide information and support for owner managed businesses and international groups. We can help you with specialist advice for your strategies that is focused on your business area and situation, while fulfilling your annual compliance needs.

We can advise on time sensitive tactical decisions and complex long term strategies, whilst predicting the final cost of these decisions.

It is essential for you to be in possession of the information that enables you to have a clear overview of the issues, which will enable you to deal with problems before they develop.

McEllin Kelly will help you with the planning of a tax-efficient path that covers every aspect of your business and will assure your stakeholders.

McEllin Kelly provide support for every aspect of your business at every stage of its life-cycle:

  • investment and expansion
  • capital markets / raising finance
  • start-ups
  • succession planning
  • disposals and acquisitions

All matters that are related to planning issues, compliance and transactions in your business sector are covered by McEllin Kelly. We have a comprehensive knowledge and considerable knowledge of all methods of communicating and negotiating with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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